Where were we?

Who are we?

Where were we? who are we?

It’s a terrible thing, this memory thing.

What are we even trying to do?

Oh aye.

The pie in the sky.

Peace, love, and happiness.

Scottish fucking independence.

Keep the faith.

Down with the Tories. The same old stories.

We can do better than this.

Christ, another blog

Throw a log

on the fire,


Smoke me another joint and we’ll appoint

Sean Connery as the first President of the People’s Utopia of  Scotland.

To be continued.

When i’m sober.


1st of May

where were we?

oh aye, blah de blah.

the first o’ may, come what may, another day. umm, umm and umm, what to say?

how do we build a healthier society? good question…. Is there even such a thing as society, or did Thatcher kill it off? Should we end capitalism, as George Monbiot suggests. (More than suggests perhaps… urges, recommends, whatever)

Lazy writing this, by the way; just for my own wee relaxation. I’m no trying to become some sort of guru.

And, in actual fact (though that might be some sort of tautology, except, i’m too lazy to look up the definition of tautology), in actual fact…. in actual fact, maybe i forgot what i was going to write there and another great idea goes up in smoke….

In actual fact, life is not that complicated. Just be a decent person. Try to do the decent thing. Pit it in the bin min, Don’t shit in the drinking water. Take care of the place. Be respectful. Respect yourself, and others.

Your man Jesus had some good words to say, so did your man Buddha. Though my mother and granny had good things to say as well, and i respect and believe them more than your man Jesus (because he might have just been a fairy story, like santa claus.)

Nailed to the cross, deed, and came back to life. Son of god, virgin birth, walked on water, etc. Cured the blind and the lame. Ah think that ah could do the same. Funny old game.

Aye, out to lunch now, but keep on writing.

And shortly we will all be shouting.    (shite in?)

Shite in, shite out.

See? No point in following me.

Fend for yourself, there’s naebody else, to show you the way. Make your own mistakes, and live for the day. La la la la, it’s the first of May. and da da da da, i’m here to stay.

Or, i’m here to say, that it won’t be long, til we’re singing the song,

la da te da, ah’m scared o’ ma da.

“Jesus, ya bastard, where have you been?”

“Get aff o’ that screen, and help yir Ma”

the end.




the here and now

i actually just think that it’s just around the corner that there’s going to be a massive awakening of consciousness.

if that sounds a little airy-fairy, so be it.

i’m away on the bicycle to enjoy the spring air and look at the pebbles on the beach and hear the cry of the gulls and oyster catchers.

no time like the present.



Things are heating up. The Natives are getting restless, and all that. An a’ that.

Back to Scotland soon. All bets are off. Total mayhem. Ya beauty.

Ha. You’re having a laugh. Detain me if you will. I dare ya.

And so on.

Looking forward to a pint in a real pub. The banter, the patter, the punters.

Edinburgh clubs in the top 3 in the league. Who would have thought it? Livingston beat the Gers, the other day. Goodness me. The Celtic way down. Nonsense. I’m an Aberdeen man ma’sel. They’re not up to much either. C’mon the Partick Thistle. (Always a safe bet in Glasgow. More or less. Maybe Clydebank, or Clyde.) Fitba’. Daft.

Anyway, whit wid william wallace do? I don’t know…ah dinnae ken.

Whit wid i do? I’m not sure.

Mibbe think of something. Will have a pint and mull it over. Go see some friends.

Interesting times we live in. Something has to give.

Maybe a mass awakening? We could call it the Scottish Enlightenment.

Maybe the New Scottish Enlightenment.

People have been put down for too long.

There’s a better way.

Anyway, it’s stirring, it’s livening up, it’s quickening.

See you down the road, in a wee while.

Cheers. Slainte. Up your kilt. And so on.




I’m getting a wee bit homesick for the old country.

Things are heating up over there. The final straw may have been the “British Haggis”.

Christ on a bike.

Brexit is a train wreck. The Conservatives are awful. The politics of selfishness and greed.

Onwards to a fairer society, and the only way now is to break free from the “Union”.

Let England (and presumably Wales) go their own, misguided, way.

The marriage is over.

See you soon, Scotland.





the heat, the heat.

almost beat.

Aye, another hot day here. Trees on fire. Smoke in the Stoke.


Maybe it’s the way of the future. Hotter, drier, smokier.

Time to move to somewhere with a nicer climate?